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 TV and Video Productions in South Africa for DVD's, TV, new media, broadcasting, presentations, wildlife, documentaries, promotions, cinema and the web on HD and SD.

Current Products for Sale on HD (Cinema Cut & TV Documentaries)

Worlds Wildest River (HD)

12 months Ecological workings of the Auob river bed in the Kgalagadi, in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park, between South Africa, Namibie and Botswana  1 and a 1/2 hour film on the ecological working over a year along the Auob River bed in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier in HD.  Most of the life in this part of the Kgalagadi depends on this dry ancient river that flows at most twice a century for a few days. The rest of the time the camelthorn trees along the river bed sustain a mini ecology in and around them because its roots tap into underwater 30 meters below the river bed. Filmed over two years.  Ecologically most friendly. Filmed, directed, edited, sound by Joe Lategan.  

Rods Pots & Pictures (HD) 

[Travel, indigenous cooking, photography (still camera)]

6 x half hour programmes that allow for follow up programs or series. Kalahari Gemsbok park, Kruger National and area, North Eastern Cape-Rhodes , Overberg in the Western Cape (South and North), Northern Cape –Orange river- Namaqualand etc.


Any subject can be added to have a travel, hunt/history etc, fish, bush cook, and photographic show. 


Worlds Wildest River Video Clips (Promo)

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