Joe Lategan' Photographic exhibition of the ambiance of “Richmond” South Africa and the “Kgalagadi” is done with a technique he calls “Artography”, a form of rastering. The exhibition will be open to the public from August at the “Vetmuis Plaaskombuis” in Loop str. Richmond and will be open during the “Groot Karoo Kunstefees” and the “Book festival” during 18-24 October 2010

Besides Joe Lategan's general award winning photographic work "Artography" is a art form that best describes the Photography currently on exhibition below.

" I don't know of a shorter / better way of sharing images of otherwise dull buildings / objects with great sentimental value to others that doesn't necessarily have the same deep passion or knowlege for the photographed object at the time of viewing the standard photograph, except if the history of the structure was explain in length to the second person."  

"Artography" is a Photographic style where no filters have been used and only light frequencies ( spectrum)  visible to the  human eye altered. This range allows interior decorators to use a wider variety of styles to frame the photographs/art to fit in with the taste fluctuations of clients. Subtle colours allow for larger colour variety when selecting boards and frame types. Colour ranges (within the photos) can also be altered for different clients. It allows for a modern tweak to old style architecture and old /classic /colonial style framing . The wild life range thus now also allows nature to be included into a more colourful decoration .(not the even earthy colours of the natural spectrum.) The style also allows old monuments or other architecture to truly reflect or express  the inner emotions...something always difficult to express to others in words.

Different subject matters can be chosen for specific shoots for clients. 

Further more architects can record their completed works/styles in artistic but real  images with a added dimension for portfolios.


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