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Constructing Rigs for; Cob, Kingfish, Queenfish, Sharks, Shad and other predatory fish. What to buy and how to organize your tackle box by Rock and Surf Protea Angler - Bryan Rapson

The Tacklebox;

Tackle and equipment for Cob/Kabeljou, Shad, Garrick, Geelbek/Cape Salmon, Sharks and other Edibles. Tackleboxes, Sinkers, Sinker Bags,  Wire Traces, Medical supplies, Tools, Scales, Knives, Bait Tenderiser, Scissors, Pliers, Skirts, Swivels, Licenses, Tagging kit, Ghost Cotton, Foam, Hooks, Headlamps, Rod Holder, Rod Bucket, Shoes/Boots, Reels, Line, Glow Sticks, Reel Protector, Filling reels with backing and leaders, Knots, sharpening hooks

Baiting with Squid:

The Bay Squid, Cokka and red Eye Sardine Bait for Cob/Kabeljou, Queenfish, Kingfish and other, Fishing after the sardine run, Foam, Floating Bait, Hooks, Grapnel Sinker, Chokka. 

Construction of a Clip Trace;

Non Return Clip with weight, Hooks, Nylon Coated Steel, Stopper Ring, Lenght of Trace, Knots for Steel Trace, Steel to Nylon Knot, Rod, Reel, Backing and Line for Shark fishing, how to hook a shad as Bait, Casting the sinker and sliding the live Shad.

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The Worlds Wildest River - Auob River Bed - Kgalagadi 

R200.00 vat incl.

The first 2 hour film covering the three climatic phases along the Auob River bed and how the plants and animals have adapted to survive, in arguably one of the most photogenic biodiversities on the planet. The Camelthorn trees along the 120km long ancient dry river bed allows the visitor/photographer to observe and record the survival techniques and interaction between species and micro habitat in and around this Majestic tree. Filmed over two and a half years with an unequaled low carbon footprint and almost no ecological interference.
Produced, Filmed and edited by: Joe Lategan

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South African Catfish Adventures 

R137.00 vat inlc.

“Unrivalled adventure of 8 months, 30 000 km and 2 Landrovers later” “A truly African experience” Including: The Kalahari desert, The world’s floral kingdom Namaqualand, Lake Kariba, Bushman, Augrabies falls, Rafting down the Orange River, Confluence of South Africa’s two largest rivers, Catfish spawning, Technical overview, some of the big five and much more!

“No where in the world can catfish be caught in such breathtaking scenery”

“Arguably the most memorable Catfish adventure on the planet”

Produced by Joe Lategan

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Fly Fishing for Trout & Yellowfish in the Rhodes area

 R100.00 vat incl.

In the streams and rivers of the Rhodes Mountains with Joe Lategan Including

Wild Trout Association & Rhodes Tourism

Mountain Smallmouth Yellowfish

"Advantages of a Guide" (Fred Steynberg & Tony Kietzman)

"Breathtaking Scenery"

Produced by Joe lategan

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Fly Fishing for Smallmouth & other Yellowfish 

 R124.00 vat incl.

 Including: "First exclusive telemetry results from the scientists" "Exclusive Spawn and migration footage" "Invertebrate survey of a river" "All you need to know to catch smallmouth yellowfish" "Access to tagged Large and Smallmouth Yellowfish" "Introduction to conservation of smallscale Yellowfish by Gordon O' Brien" "Dean Impson on Whitefish and Sawfin" "Introduction by Pierre de Villiers" "Underwater Footage of Whitefish, Sawfin, Clanwilliam and Smallmouth Yellowfish" 

Produced by Joe Lategan

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South African Angling Adventures 

R157.00 vat incl.

Beat This:

18 Months travel through 7 Southern African Countries, 100 000km, to catch amongst others:

Saltwater - Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfisn Tuna, Barracuda, Bluefin Kingfish, Giant Kingfish, Black Kingfish, Cob, Shark etc.

Freshwater - Sharptooth catfish, Vundu, other small catfish species, Indigenous Yellowfish Species, Mountain Wild Trout, Bottlenose, Cornish jack, Tigerfish, etc.

Unbeatable backdrops - kalahari desert, Floral Kingdom of the planet, big five, cheetah kill, jackal fight, bushman, Orange River, St. Lazarus banks, Lake Kariba, Desert animals, Insects, and much more of arguably the planets most stunning landscapes.

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