We offer just about everything from graphic to web design.

Graphic design is the combination of various media into one solution, whether it be a luxury logo design or corporate brand activation, advertisement, package design, wine label design or website design. Graphic Design is at the centre of marketing activities, and is used to communicate ideas and brands, sell products and services and otherwise create a brand image.

We deliver what you need on time and within budget, while assisting you through contributing our professional branding and graphic design expertise to ensure your marketing materials achieve the results you require.

The world of Graphic Design is constantly evolving and we see this most within digital design. We continually look at what is new and hot in the world of marketing, so that we are able to pass leading edge know-how on to our clients and ultimately help them stand out as leaders.


Publishing refers to the creation of printed or digital content for public or private consumption. It includes traditional print media such as books, magazines, brochures, flyers through to digital new media such as websites, digital magazines, SEO and more. If you need content developed for advertising, multimedia or even your monthly email newsletter, Catfish Joe has the expertise and experience ready to execute, from concept to design to delivery.


Advertising is a type of visual, auditory or experiential communication that persuades the target audience to take a specific action. Advertising is specifically geared to sell things, ideas, services or make a call to action. It can be in print, on the radio, on television or on the internet, and can be any size or format you can imagine. We do advertising for PRINT, TV, WEB & RADIO


We understands what search engines like Google prefer in terms of web architecture, code structure and content layout to achieve the best result in search engines. Designing a website is as much about aesthetics as it is about usability. A beautiful website needs to be functional, and a functional website needs to look good in order to convince people of its authenticity. In our digital world, if you do not have a website, you may as well not exist. Hand in hand with that, if your website does not look professional, you're signing your own demise. Through combined disciplines including graphic design, advertising, photography and publishing, as well HTML coding and Flash design and SEO, we have created many great looking and effective websites. 

Once people find the website, you want to make them stay, and beautiful, well-styled photography helps grab their attention, and keep people on your site. A good website is known as 'sticky' — it’s a place that people want to stay and look around. Joe Lategan is an international award winning fine art photographer and can capture images for your web that no other can do.


The web is changing rapidly, and with it how we communicate with our customers is changing too. Social media is about conversations. It’s about talking to and engaging with the people invested in your brand. It’s about creating conversations, and nurturing relationships.

You know what social media is, but how do you get started? Let us set you up and get you going with your social media strategy. We will set up your accounts, do an initial follow, and teach you how to use the tools of social websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google. Should you need even more help, just ask, and we’ll come up with a solution. 




 (All images on these pages were captured by our own photographers) 

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