Constructing Rigs for; Cob, Kingfish, Queenfish, Sharks, Shad and other predatory fish. What to buy and how to organize your tackle box by Rock and Surf Protea Angler - Bryan Rapson
The Tacklebox;
Tackle and equipment for Cob/Kabeljou, Shad, Garrick, Geelbek/Cape Salmon, Sharks and other Edibles. Tackleboxes, Sinkers, Sinker Bags,  Wire Traces, Medical supplies, Tools, Scales, Knives, Bait Tenderiser, Scissors, Pliers, Skirts, Swivels, Licenses, Tagging kit, Ghost Cotton, Foam, Hooks, Headlamps, Rod Holder, Rod Bucket, Shoes/Boots, Reels, Line, Glow Sticks, Reel Protector, Filling reels with backing and leaders, Knots, sharpening hooks
Baiting with Squid:
The Bay Squid, Cokka and red Eye Sardine Bait for Cob/Kabeljou, Queenfish, Kingfish and other, Fishing after the sardine run, Foam, Floating Bait, Hooks, Grapnel Sinker, Chokka. 
Construction of a Clip Trace;
Non Return Clip with weight, Hooks, Nylon Coated Steel, Stopper Ring, Lenght of Trace, Knots for Steel Trace, Steel to Nylon Knot, Rod, Reel, Backing and Line for Shark fishing, how to hook a shad as Bait, Casting the sinker and sliding the live Shad.